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    No compounding, elbow grease or power tools. Bring the luster back to your crapped-up ride!

    The Nauti Story


    Nauti Rub® was designed by me, an avid boater, purely out of frustration and laziness. I have lost countless hours of my life behind the wheel of an orbital polisher using expensive products from those top manufacturers in the RED and BLUE bottles – yeah, you know the ones. All of which achieved underwhelming results. Then there is the swirl effect from using abrasive compounds or even worse, wet sanding? No f$&ckn’ thanks!

    What is Nauti Rub® ?

    It's an all-natural crème rub specifically designed to remove that chalky bitch-of-an oxidation layer from your ride, bringing the crapped-up finish back to life by restoring the color and luster. It contains no synthetic ingredients, which are commonly found in almost every other well-known product on the market. Simply read the back of competitor's bottles and I’m sure you’ll run across chemicals such as petroleum distillates or solvents that I have personally seen cause discoloration to white plastic and gel coats.  

    Unlike the other all-natural competitive products out there, Nauti Rub® was developed to be more than just a bottle of expensive beeswax with a label slapped on it. Rather, it is a one-step, complete rub that contains a natural, non-abrasive cleaner to remove superficial funk and scum, polishing ingredients that remove oxidation and restore the original luster and finally, a pure, natural blend of waxes, including carnauba, that act as a protectant, helping the finish last longer. All this without the use of an orbital polisher, minimal elbow grease and the mess of compounding or wet sanding. Simply rub it on and see the instant results.    

    Nauti Rub® can be used on a boat, RV, auto (especially those black, faded bumpers or trim), motorcycle and other household items with a jacked up, faded paint finish. I've used it to restore an oxidized PVC deck railing. See the results in the photo section! 

    Nauti Rub® was designed to be applied easily and can be done so multiple times a season or per year! It DOES NOT peel off or chip away from your finish! 

    The Nauti Commitment

    I am a small mom & pop company, hoping to expand over time. My day job is as a quality and regulatory professional within the pharmaceutical and medical device arena, so I know a little bit about quality assurance and customer service. That's what I  bring to you - an honest, quality product with a focus on customer service. If you aren't happy, then I'm not happy. That's how the relationship works!

    What Nauti Rub® IS NOT

    Nauti Rub® will not bring the original  MSRP price tag back to your 30 year old, neglected, non-running shit box. Let's just be honest! 

    It's results will vary. For example, don't expect it to make your brand new vehicle, which you just purchased off the showroom floor, even newer. That's unrealistic!

    The sweet spot is for everything else in between what was mentioned above.

    Nauti Rub® is not a soap or solvent and was not designed to remove previously applied products. Always start with a clean surface for best results.

    So, what are you waiting for?

    Get your Nauti on and rub one out with Slippery Dick’s Nauti Rub®!     

    Photo Gallery

    1996 Sea Ray

    This boat's gel coat was easily brought back to life in less than a minute.

    1996 Sea Ray

    Nauti Rub® was applied to a larger section of the gel coat. You can easily see a difference. It's a mirror shine.

    2005 Glastron

    How about on a normal boat that isn't on it's DEATH BED? This one is for most of you. Here's what it looks like on a well cared for boat. You can see Nauti Rub® on the right. A week earlier I used Leprechaun Magic (left) and you can see the results compared to Nauti Rub®.

    1998 Grady White

    Nauti Rub® was applied to the bottom of the hull of this Grady White. You can see the difference it makes on the white gel coat vs the colored.

    1986 Wellcraft NOVA back from the grave

    OK, so this is for you folks who will likely test the limits, regardless. Nauti Rub® was not designed to give a pulse to a rock but we tried it anyway. This boat has been sitting for years, uncovered and uncared for. The results are still not shabby!

    Composite Deck Railing

    Nauti Rub® doesn't only work on motorized vehicles but can also be used on kayaks and other hosehold items subjected to Mother Nature's fury. Here are the results when applied to a composite deck railing. The oxidation disappeared immediately! Amazing!

    Before & After Gallery

    1980's Wellcraft Before

    Found this shipwreck in the boneyard. Though this isn't something that would be typical for use, just to demonstrate that Nauti Rub really works!

    1989 Ebbtide Before

    Another example of something left completely to the elements. The results are great either way!

    1996 Chaparral

    This Chaparral is supposed to be green. Thanks to years of neglect and UV rays, it's chalky white! Nothing that Nauti Rub can't handle! Puts a shine on every time!

    1980's Wellcraft After

    1989 Ebbtide After

    1996 Chaparral After

    1970's Cruisers

    1980's Wellcraft

    Nauti Rub Application

    This is how easy it is to use Slippery Dick's Nauti Rub®. Get your Nauti On!

    Nauti Rub vs Deck Railing

    Easily restore the shine back to your composite deck railing. Nauti Rub easily cuts through oxidation and isn't just for marine, RV or auto applications!

    Feedback from Our Customers

    Cindy H.

    I love it!

    Pat W: New York

    Just wanted to give you my personal feedback,the 20 ft boat I'm cleaning is very highly blue metal flake painted. I used the abrasive side of a double side sponge for application and it worked awesome! I took pictures this morning of the before and i will take some of the after, it's amazing! Great product and I hope your small business takes off into a very large one!

     The best oxidation remover,great product, 5 stars, 2nd bottle 

    Trisha W: MO

    Fast shipping, would definitely recommend!!! 

    Cindy W: OH

    So I finally found time to clean & wax the boat.  Hoping it isn't it for the season - but here are some pictures.   With the white it is hard to get pictures, but let me say the "after" is EXCEPTIONAL.....  I did the interior, too.   It was really easy - I took your tip to use the round wax applicator -  THANKS!

    Brandon N: Texas

    This product really works, check out this outboard I did this morning, it looks 95% better after a little  Nauti Rub!! (Outboard photos can be found in Customer Photo section) boat looks amazing!! Thanks for making such an awesome product!!

    Wages Boat Detailing

    “It’s awesome, I’m very impressed, and I love it”

    Instructions For Use (IFU):

    1. Start with a clean, dry surface. 
    2. Like any product, test on a small, inconspicuous location before diving all in. 
    3. Shake bottle well before using. Apply a small amount of Nauti Rub® to a clean, soft cloth or applicator and Rub One Out!
    4. If you applied excess or there is dirt/grit left from the cleaning process, gently wipe over the surface with a separate clean cloth to remove it. 

    It is not necessary to wipe off/down the Nauti Rub that you applied unless there is excess or dirt/grit from the cleaning process. It works better and protects longer if you let it "soak" into the gelcoat. Just let it grooove!


    Additionally, not like typical waxes, it works well on hot days, just a bit less viscous. It's that simple! There are no power tools or wet sanding required.

    Nauti Rub® contains a natural cleaner and will remove superficial funk and scum. It is not designed to remove heavy stains or soil. It will also not restore completely damaged surfaces/finishes where the paint, gelcoat (or like finish) has been completely removed. It will not fill in cracks, chips, etc and won't be effective on those bleached, sun-faded decals/stickers.

    The Nauti Rub® shine will last after it has been applied. It contains natural waxes to help prolong the shine. Just like any product, it may require downstream re-application depending on your conditions and environment. Unlike typical waxes and detailing products, it's a very simple and easy application, so you can easily apply additional coats throughout the season (or year) to keep the finish looking showroom quality while maintaining a protective barrier.

    Additionally, this goes without saying but the more oxidized your finish is, the more product you will use. The results, again, may vary depending on the condition of the finish you are working with.


    Though this is an all-natural product, it was not designed for use on humans or animals. Do not ingest  Nauti Rub®  and do not apply  Nauti Rub®  to any surface that is not intended to be slippery, such as walking surfaces. 

    Nauti Q&A

    Does Nauti Rub come off in the water and will it need to be reapplied after I use my boat each time?

    No. Nauti Rub does not need to be reapplied after each use of your boat. The product will not wash off in water like some other water-based products do. It contains absolutely NO water! Over time, depending on the environment & elements, it should be reapplied to maintain the shine! Re-application is effortless and there's no scrubbing or elbow grease necessary.

    Is Nauti Rub similar to using Pledge on my gel coat?

    No, Nauti Rub is nothing like using Pledge (or similar polishes) on your gel coat. Pledge (and the like) are primarily water based, contain a paraffin (petroleum based) wax additive and an emulsifier to hold it all together. Nauti Rub contains NO water in it, so it won't come off the minute you use your boat. That's why the Pledge route doesn't work for longer term results.

    How long do I wait before wiping the surface down after application?

    Letting Nauti Rub sit on your gel coat will not hurt it. It isn't required that you wipe it down after application but it is recommended to remove any dirt or funk left over from the application process. 

    Nauti Rub has natural ingredients and natural waxes, so the longer they sit, the better they absorb into the finish, which also prolongs the results.

    How far will an 8oz bottle of Nauti Rub go?

    That all depends on the condition of the finish and the elements it's being used in.

    For a well cared for 25' bow rider boat, with light oxidation, an 8oz bottle should easily be able to cover the hull a couple of times! That is also dependent upon how much you apply, of course. Just a little dab will go a ways!

    The elements also affect your finish after you apply Nauti Rub (like any product). Obviously, extreme temperatures, climates, etc will cause your vehicle's finish to dull, so re-application of Nauti Rub may be required more often.

    How easy is Nauti Rub to apply?

    Nauti Rub has the consistency of hand cream. Just place a small amount on a soft applicator and wipe it on the surface. There is NO scrubbing, elbow grease, excessive pressure, etc. Nothing like what is needed when using other products such as compounding abrasives.

    Why does the Nauti Rub color vary

    Nauti Rub is made with all natural ingredients. Since the raw materials occasionally vary in color, so too will the Nauti Rub. This has no effect on the results.

    Nauti Q&A

    Will Nauti Rub remove scratches on my gel coat?

    Nauti Rub was not designed to remove gel coat scratches, gouges, imperfections, spider cracks, etc. By shining up the gel coat, it may help make them less noticeable but it will not remove them.

    What is the best way to apply it?

    Obviously, there are many different ways you can apply it. We recommend using a soft cloth or an round wax applicator for typical situations. It goes on very easily. Though, we have customers that prefer using the course side of a Scotch Brite sponge for excessively poor surfaces and swear by the results. The choice is yours!

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